Interview with XXX XXXXXXXX
Installation with 15 minute audio piece, FM transmission, portable radios

An audio interview was recorded with architect Niall McCullough during a site visit to the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios building, beginning outside considering the fa├žade, then moving inside and around the building. The interview has been edited in the style of a radio documentary, but in such a way that at key moments in the dialogue, incidental and background sounds—such as the passing of a car, the slam of a door, microphone noise, or some other such audio interference—layers and disrupts the point being made in the discussion, thwarting the interview process.

For the exhibition, the edited audio piece will be played back as a low-wattage FM broadcast from an antenna installed on the roof of the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios building. Portable radios and headphones will be made available to visitors to the gallery to listen to the piece as they move around inside and outside the building.

Exhibition location: Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Atrium Space